Marriage CV Format Free Download

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A Marriage CV, also known as a Bio Data or Matrimonial Resume, is a document that provides detailed information about an individual seeking a marriage partner. It is commonly used in cultures where arranged marriages are prevalent, as it serves as a means to introduce a person’s background, qualifications, and personal details to potential matches and their families.

The purpose of a Marriage CV is to provide a comprehensive profile of an individual, allowing interested parties to evaluate compatibility and suitability for a potential marriage. The contents of a Marriage CV can vary depending on cultural norms and personal preferences, but they generally include the following information:

  1. Personal Details: This section includes the individual’s name, age, date of birth, height, weight, and physical appearance.
  2. Family Background: It provides details about the individual’s family, including their parents’ names, occupation, and any relevant information about siblings or extended family members.
  3. Education and Employment: This section outlines the individual’s educational qualifications, including degrees, certifications, and institutions attended. It may also include information about their occupation, job position, and professional accomplishments.
  4. Personal Attributes: This section describes the individual’s personality traits, interests, hobbies, and talents. It may also include information about their values, beliefs, and lifestyle preferences.
  5. Religious and Cultural Background: This section highlights the individual’s religious beliefs, cultural values, and practices.
  6. Horoscope or Astrological Information: In some cultures, the Marriage CV may include details related to horoscope or astrological compatibility, such as the individual’s zodiac sign, birth time, and place.
  7. Marital Expectations: This section outlines the individual’s preferences, expectations, and criteria for a potential partner, including qualities they seek in terms of personality, education, family background, and other relevant factors.
  8. Contact Information: The CV concludes with the individual’s contact details, such as address, phone number, and email address, to facilitate communication with interested parties.

Marriage CV Sample

Family Details

Name                                              : MD. OMOR FARUK

Date of Birth                                 :

Educational Qualification          : Class 8 Pass

Profession                                    : Business

Father’s Name                              :

Mother’s Name                             :

Wife                                                 : Mst. Shilpi Akter

Date of Birth                                 : 03 December 1986.

Educational Qualification          : Class 6 Pass

Profession                                    : Housewife

Son and Daughter (3)

(1) Son                                            : Mohammad Zobair Hossain Fahim

Date of Birth                                 : 01 February 1999

Educational Qualification          : H.S.C (1st Year) 

(2) Son                                            : Abdur Rahman Rahat 

Date of Birth                                 : 08 June 2008

Educational Qualification          : Class 3 Pass

(3) Son                                            : Ismail Abid Mahim

Date of Birth                                 : 16 November 2013

Present Address                         : House No., Road # ,

West Nandipara, P. O.- Basabo

P. S.- Khilgon, Dhaka- 1219

Permanent Address                   :  Vill-  , P. O –

P. S.- Homna, Comilla.

Marriage CV Format Free Download

Family Bio-Data


Akbar Hossain (Shobuj)

Name                        :

Present Occupation       : Service

Senior Production Officer, —— Group

Chandra Gazipur

Present Address            : House , Madertek,

Hazi Abdul Awal Road,

P.O. Basabo, Sabujbagh, Dhaka-1214.

Permanent Address       : Wahid Miah Pondit Bari,

Vill., P.O. Boroitola,

P.S. Laxmipur, Dist- Laxmipur.

Date of Birth                  :

Height                           : 5′-5″

Nationality                     : Bangladeshi

Religion                         : Islam

Educational Qualification:

Name of ExamBoardResultPassing Year
H.S.C (Science)Comilla1st Division (Star Marks)2000
H.S.C (Science)Dhaka1st Division2002
B. Sc (Hon’s) Computer ScienceUDA1St Class2008
MBA (Banking &
South East
1st Class2011

Father’s Name               :

Profession                     : Businessman (Shipping Line)

Mother’s Name              : (House wife)

Siblings                         : Three younger sisters

1.  Wahida Akter Rupa (B.Com), House Wife

Husband: Habibur Rahman M.SS

Profession : Private Service (Concord Group)

2. Nahida Akter Kakoli (MSS) on going

3. Nazma Akhter ( Hon’s) 3rd Semester Running.

The purpose of a Marriage CV is to provide a comprehensive snapshot of an individual’s personal, educational, and professional background, enabling families and individuals to make informed decisions regarding potential matches. It serves as an initial introduction and can be shared with interested parties or matchmakers to initiate the process of finding a suitable partner for marriage.

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