Experience Letter Sample

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An experience letter, also known as an employment verification letter or a work reference letter, is an official document provided by an employer to an employee upon their departure from a company or organization. It serves as proof of the individual’s employment history and the experience gained during their tenure with the company.

The experience letter typically includes important details such as:

  1. Employee Information: The employee’s full name, job title or position held, and the dates of employment.
  2. Job Responsibilities: A brief overview of the employee’s roles and responsibilities during their time with the company. This may include specific tasks, projects, or achievements.
  3. Skills and Abilities: The letter may highlight the employee’s key skills, competencies, or strengths demonstrated during their employment.
  4. Performance Evaluation: Some experience letters may include a section that provides feedback on the employee’s performance, work ethic, and contributions to the organization.
  5. Character Reference: In certain cases, the experience letter may include a positive statement about the employee’s character, professionalism, and conduct during their employment.
  6. Contact Information: The letter usually includes the contact information of the employer or the HR department, allowing future employers or organizations to verify the authenticity of the letter if needed.

Experience Letter Sample


This is to certify that Mohammad Shakibul Ahsan, S.O. Md. Abdul Malek, Mother’s Name: Shamsun Nahar, of 1640, East Nandipara, P.O. Basabo, P.S. Khilgaon, Dhaka-1214  has been working in this company as a “Cooking Shape” from 2nd February 2016 to 3rd March 2017. During his stay in this organization he was a valuable part of the work force. He was decided to leave this organization to purse his career outside this organization. He sincere energetic and honest and bears a god moral character. If any further queries are to be discussed, you can feel free contact.

We wish him every success in his life.

Md. Ibrahim Khalil Ullah Sheblie

Senior Manager HR

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This is to certify that, MAHBUBUL ALAM, Son of MD. SHAHIDULLAH PATWARY and KHALEDA BEGUM, National ID No: XXX XXXX XXX, Passport No: XXX XXX Address: House# 256, Wahab Colony, Bashabo, P.O: Basabo, P.S: Sabujbagh, Dhaka-1214, Bangladesh, is to known to me. He is permanent resident of Dhaka South City Corporation, Ward No-4. He bears a good moral character. So far as I know, he did not take part in any activity subversive of the sate or of discipline. 

I wish him every success in life.

Experience Letter Format


This is to certify that Md Abdul Al Mamun has been serving in this organization from June 1, 2013 to August 31, 2019 as a Sr. False Ceiling Designer & Specialist with the full satisfaction of the authority. In his service he is regular and sincere to his duty. He is found sincere, honest, smart and hard working man.

I wish him all success in life.

Experience letters are valuable documents for employees as they provide evidence of their work experience, skills, and contributions to prospective employers. They can be particularly important when applying for new jobs, seeking career advancement, or pursuing further education.

It’s important to note that the content and format of experience letters may vary depending on the company’s policies and practices. Some organizations may have specific templates or guidelines for drafting experience letters, while others may provide more personalized and detailed letters.

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